I have spent the past year commissioning portrait drawings and developing my skills in digital illustrations, focusing on digital portraiture. If you’re interested in working together on a design project, please do get in touch.

Sarahs' Day

Vector portrait icon

sarahs day vector blonde girl summer sunglasses

Border Collie 

Graphite dog portrait print

border collie dog pencil graphite drawing portrait


Graphite dog portrait print

saluki persian greyhound grey graphite dog portrait drawing commission
photographer vector digital drawing pink blonde girl photography logo

PB Photography

Vector portrait icon

blue parrot colour pencil drawing faber-castell polychromos commission


Colour pencil pet portrait

french bulldog graphite pet dog portrait drawing faber-castell commission


Graphite dog portrait print

black woman with drink smile colour pencil drawing portrait commission


Colour pencil family portrait

golden retriever dog pet portrait polychromos colour pencil drawing commission


Colour pencil pet portrait

Backpacking Bananas

Vector portrait icon

girl vector digital drawing portrait logo brand


Fantastic Artist, very friendly and did exactly what I asked for. Delivered on time and it was lovely to receive progress reports. I would highly recommend Danielle and will definitely use her again.

S Ryder,  Sep 2019

This is one exceptionally talented lady I highly highly recommend her work.

K Odoherty,  Aug 2019

Love on of her having a bath in her bowl thank you, Danielle, I love it sooo much....She's amazing wow.

- H Rogers, June 2020

This lovely talented lady did a pencil portrait of met sleeping grandson it was so lifelike you could kiss it x

- O Keen, June 2019